Monday, 4 June 2012

Shattered Glass

In a house full of mirrors
She was lonelier than she could be
Never been able to express how she really felt
Never been able to put worth to herself

Pushing her hands against the glass
Made her think a lot of the past
She was always shy and timid
Never one to make a fuss

While others could run away
And reach their potential
Find their winning throne
She fell and faltered
Never feeling she belonged  

The girl who looked back
Described her nothing inside
She was hurt afraid lonely
She had done her best to hide

When she realised there was more to this life
She was no longer a child
She was grown up
Even still was lost in her cage in her mind

Broken down barriers
Holding herself back
Enough is enough
Tears flowed away
She couldn’t hold back

She let it out
Her secrets were out
She told her friend of how she felt
She listened as she knew how much this meant

A weight had been lifted
She had moved the memories
They had been shifted
Now she knew
She had to talk more
Not hide away behind old closed doors
She had once lived in a house full of mirrors
Now she can smile without giving herself the shivers

Building a wall
Was so easy to do
As time passed by
A couple of years a few

But now at last
A friend from the past
Had made her see there was a life
Beyond broken shattered glass

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