Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Spreading his Lust

He stood back
Letting all the ladies in
Sitting in a fountain
He was full of sin
Not really what you would call
A gentle man

He was more of a player
A man full of lust
Not one you could ever trust
You would go with him
Only for his rap pore and dangerous looks

If one man had power
Then he had the power of three
He knew how to get the attention
Of every lady

He had a smile
That would melt
The strongest of hearts
He was a true Casanova
He was no push over

With his dark big brown melting eyes
His tanned skin
Faintly covered with a close cut shave
He was tall and looked so well
As he passed each girl
Took on his wonderful smell

If he was one of the deadly sins
He was certainly lust
But remember ladies
Not a man you can trust

As he pasted each mirror
Catching a reflection of himself
He stopped hearts along the way
Like some paradise sky

Painting a picture of him
Words can not say
He just took your breath away
Leaving you helpless in his pathway

Just for one moment
He had it all
He wished he had her
He wished she would call
But she knew what he was like
She did not want to climb
She did not want to take on this hike

So his tension spread out in the room
As she walked away
His empty eyes
Wanted her more than
Clouds wanted to fill the skies

As his heart hung
In his lonely chest
He wasn’t happy
He wasn’t impressed
As ladies gathered around
He knew this time
He had gone too far
She turned and smiled
Waved good bye
Drove off in her car

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