Friday, 8 June 2012

Stealing Heart

She had lost someone special
She felt like she lost it all
Lonely was her mind and heart
All was not as it seemed

With no one to comfort her
No one else there
Stranger he was to her
Would he come to her
Would he care

As she sat in a slump
In tears not able to concentrate
She really was in dire straits
Not in any fit state

Sat on her doorstep
Needing air to breath
Sheltered by the trees
That surrounded her by green

When out of no where
A puppy came up to her
He licked and cuddled
Wanting love and to be held

She dried up her tears
That had fallen from her eyes
This perfect little stranger
Was her new disguise

Rolling back her sadness
Bringing him in
Delighted to meet you she said
He licked her on the chin

She was so happy
Things happen for a reason
She had let go of one
And gained another
Who was pleasing

That night the puppy
Saved her heart
What was once torn apart
Was now won by him

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