Monday, 11 June 2012

Strange Ship

Setting sail on a sea of wild
Hold on folks this is going to be a bumpy ride
I have never seen the likes of it in all my life
Waves so large they did surprise

As we forced or way through
It was surely a fight
We went on forwards in the darkness of the night
With lanterns been our only light

As we came closer to the island
Where we were suppose to stay
Night turned in day
And day turned into night

What was happening this gave us a fright
Caught in some sort of weird weather maybe
Not knowing where were going
Only waves clashing towing and furrowing

When out of no where a house did appear
At the top of the sail shouted out a huge whale
I think we are nearly there
My heart nearly stopped
Blacked out with despair

What on earth is going on down there
The whale shouting out
As I was trying to suck in some air
Who or what was that a whale
Yes it was said a poky snail

But but snails cant talk
Oh yes we can
Look I can run fast
I even have a tan

I agree said the tortoise
And lobster joined in
Well lets here it for this child
So innocent and he must win
Win what I said
I a really confused
You win the prize
For not wanting to loose

All the creatures applauded
They all gave him a clap
When out of the blue
The waves did go back

A voice came
Over him so soft and so sweet
Wake up now Tom
It is time for a treat

What where is the lobster
 The tortoise and snail
Where is the captain
The huge giant whale

What whale my dear Tom
There are no whales on this ship
Only the ones in the sea
We are on holiday
On our summer trip

It must have been a dream
I am glad that I am sea
When I looked out
There he was waving back at me

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