Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sugar Shoes

Some are soft
Some are sweet
Some just we want but will cut our feet
We don’t care
We will dare to walk in them any time any where

The bigger the heal
The taller we feel
We don’t mind if they cut our heels
We promise that we won’t wear them again
But we will no doubt
Fighting for the last pair in a sale
You better watch out

All colours in shapes and all
It is hard to find the ones you want
When you have a special occasion
Who do you call

Asking all your friends
Where is a good place
Running around town
As if your in a race

Heart is pumping
Sweat is on your brow
Coming to the shop you never thought of
You want them here and now

When you finally find the ones
That fit you like a glove
Don’t want to get them dirty
No need to rush or run

Gel in soles to keep them from tearing your skin
Party now has started
They are starting to brake in
Walking is made harder by the way they make you feel
Should of bought a more comfortable pair
Ones with less of a heel

So as the night folds in
The flats ones are in your bag
Out they come
And on they go
Ah relaxing now
No need for a show

Making all feel better
Your comfy tired feet
You’re glad to get home now
And relax in your slippers

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