Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tear Drop

Tick tock
Goes her inner clock
Workings that can never be undone
A smile that can be hard to be won

She silenced them with a tear drop
Washing it away with a harsh mop
Lingering silence still
Stood the air

Wondering eyes
What could compare
Legs chased all away
As she ran through her race

Running like the wind
Like lightening at speed
Others that knew her would have agreed
Sowing herself but not a single seed

Set me free
As free as a bird
Not a sound do I want to hear
Is what she said out loud

Leave the past in past
Looking forward
Moving on
Not knowing where
She did belong

She ran on like thunder
Singing her own song
Trying to get the words right
Not wanting to get hem wrong

Owing nothing to no one
Only to herself
Never say sorry
Never apologise for anything

Tare them roads up
Wanting to achieve one last thing
Her heart began to her own beat
As her ankles wanted to cave in
Give in

She crossed her own line
She was a winner
Who finally won
Nothing could take this away
Her tear had dried up
Replaced with a knees up

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