Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tied to Himself

He lay there with vines as his shackles
He could not move
He was tied up
In the trees grooves

Wrapped around him
His hair tied tight
Unable to free himself
Unable to squeeze through

His arms were marked
Red to the skin
Tattooed within
Like stained tin

Screaming out release me
No one heard his cries
He felt salty tears
Replace his fears

His ankles worn
Hanging down
Worry filled his mind
How can I hide

As the shadows
Flew past him
Not knowing if they seen
His vainly skin

Shutting off his feelings
Black replaced his light
Nothing left
He had no fight

Something came along
Not the darkness of the night
But a tiny sparkle of twinkling light
Holding on to his tears

Rushing power
Through his body
Giving him back
Some thing that was right

Engulfed with fire in his heart
He knew he could do it now
He had a new start
His brain was functioning better
He now was working and smart

Break me free
He shouted out
Let be me
Let me find a way out

When he was finally there
The shadows of darkness
Began to disappear
His hair was free

From the shackles
Of this place
Back there
He could be more
Than he could have been

Throwing back his hair
He caught a glimpse of himself
As he smiled back he knew
I can finally be myself
Just like you


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