Friday, 8 June 2012

United as One

He rode his horse all through the night
Not wanting to stop
Not wanting to give up the fight
As he grew tired

He knew he should rest
So he did until he felt his best
Thinking of what tomorrow brings
His hopes will be true

So as he woke
And he had his fill
He  rode his white horse
To the land at last

As the trees hugged the ground
And the light shone from up above
His shield he wore
Shone light a white dove

His sword was in his hand
He entered the gateway
Two guardsmen greeted him
Giving him the once over
Before letting him in

I am here to greet she who waits for me
I am the knight of the night
She waits for the one with courage
The one with fight

Show me your sign
They say to him
He takes his arm out
He is marked with it
He is the one no doubt

As he walks
Across the busy yard
He is brought through tunnels
Of dark protected
By the hound

His long blue cloak
Is strong to her stroke
She looks in to his eyes
She sees into his clouds

She knows more about him
Than he does of her
She asks to be alone
She invites him to sit by her throne

Come here my boy
I will not bite
I want to see your mark
I just want to be right

As he turns back his wrist
For her to see
She realises it is him
The one who was her twin

They had been separated by evil
When a servant took him from this place
She had felt it in her heart
He felt it all the years they were apart

Finally back together
United as one
Back to the beginning
And so the story finally begun

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