Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Voice in a Crowd

Alone wondering what was out there
Sitting on a window sill so bare
No one running around
Just an empty voice in a crowd

She sat shackled on the cold hard stone
Pondering her ideas
Would anything or anyone ever rescue her and come
Hear her silence deep within

Fears of isolation
Over come with sin
She was told that she was thrown in there
For her own good

But no one listened
No one understood
Locked away in a tower
No water no time no power

Let me free
To fly like a bird
Spread my wings
Hers was the only voice
She heard

Until one day
When finally she woke up
And her prison of a tower
And been condemned and closed up

Wait wait she shouted from the top
I’m here help me as the destruction ball nearly knocked the top
Stop at once a voice drew from the crowd
Another voice I hear
But this time really out loud

With her eyes fixed firmly on him
This true amazing honest decent working man
Had freed her from her locked up cage
Up high above the land

She couldn’t thank him enough times
As she shook his rough rugged hands
A smile and gentle words
They exchanged that very day
She had stolen his heart clearly away

As she stepped off into the sunny evening way
She captured this image in her head
Hoping to meet again some day
As fairytale moments happen

She was captured in a tower
Ok maybe not for ever
Maybe only for a couple of hours
As she was touring along the land

And decided to step right in
Not minding what the sign said
No one is to be entering
She never noticed it

A modern day Rapunzel
She had surely lost her way
But thank god for kind strangers
That did hear her cries

As she came back to thank him
For all that he had done
He was gone somewhere else
Was he her prince the one

She would never know
Unless their paths would meet
She wondered would this ever happen
And would she be as discreet

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