Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Whispering over the fields

Running through cotton fields
White snow balls everywhere
Looking out as far as the eyes can see
She whispered come follow me

As they did
Watching the amazement
Unfold before their eyes
Wondering butterflies
Filling the evening skies

Dancing of orange
Speckles of black
Dotted through their tiny veins
Thumping tiny little springs

Sheltered below
Fields of green
Underneath the cotton white
So pristine

Hunting along
Reaching a path way made clear
Nothing else more magical
Nothing came near

Clouds that clumped together
Matched the fields below
Like a mirror image of a secret glow
Watching and providing
Helping it grow

Her long locks
Bounced along the sun light
Her petite figure
Her dress matched
Where the cotton fields did grow

Astonishing rainbows filled
The clouds that hung low
She sat near the stream
Taking in all of that filled her
Eyes in front she remembered it all

So as the butterflies helped her
Find her way back
She knew she would be
Coming right back to the old track

Never wanting to leave
But knew she had to like before
All of this beauty
Right at her front door

Sitting on the swinging seat
With a cold drink in her hand
Watching as the birds retreat
In to the cotton budded land  

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