Sunday, 3 June 2012

Who is She

Looking in through shades of then
I was a fool to trust you again
Why do I do it over and over again
Trusting men

She thought all this in her head
As she looked across an empty space
She had lost faith
In all

As she walked past a couple
Who were arguing she could see her in them
This was like her past
Been displayed in her face

How can anyone
Cause such pain
How could she always be to blame
She done all for him

He did not care
He threw her there
As if she was rubbish
He displayed nothing but anger
He was out of control

Walking through a golden field
Gave her time to relax and breath
She knew this was no life for her
She knew she deserved more
That things had gone way to far

Her eyes were opened up that day
When she caught her reflection in the river not far away
Her tears they flowed down into it
She wanted more than a life of rift

Fallen to her knees
She let it all out
She roared and screamed in hurt
She knew she had more worth

So as she returned home
He had left her he had gone
The one and only decent thing
He had ever done for her
Was to leave her to be herself again

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