Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wooden Platforms

Walking across wooden platforms
Walking in their shoes
May seem so easy to do
Wondering eyes willing you to loose

Task is your goal
Filling your soul
Understanding you can do
Knowing you can have it all

As the smell of roses
Fill your very being
Wafting your senses
Peeking up from worn out fences

Timber laths making temporary paths
Using half shoe laces feet
Not trying to fall underneath
As you rush to save them

Tall trees wait to applaud
They want you to make it over
Never giving up
Never looking over

A barely suspended bridge it is
Others wouldn’t dare
To walk its ridge
Scared of falling
Thrown over with no care

You are brave you do it well
With tiny drops of heat
Falling from your head
When finally you make it
To the other side

Voices shout out
You fill them all with pride
So Mr Adventure man
Take your stand
And fill your heart with smiles

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