Saturday, 2 June 2012

Written in the Clouds

Their love was written in the clouds
That covered them from above
They had something truly amazing
They shared pure and unbroken love

It echoed in the mountains
And up on the misty hills
The feelings that they had for one another
Would make their hearts stand still

Having held it back for so long
And longing for this moment right now
As he brushed her hair from her shoulder
She would change his life for ever right now

Longing for what they never had
And finally now they did
She held him closely to her
And this is what she said

I have seen you from a distance
But our lives got in the way
I have longed for this moment for so long
Always dreaming of this day

He agreed that he felt the same
Wishing he had done it sooner
But things were not meant to be back then
As he never knew her name

As she had travelled away
And so had he
But coming back to where it all began
Fallen in love suddenly

It all happened so fast
And unexpectedly
But true love never leaves
The apple of his eye

She was the core of his heart
The rose bud of his tree
She gave him more than anyone could
She made this man so happy

He filled her life with plans
He was there for in times of need
He wrapped his loving arms around her
And promised he would never leave

He kept his word to her
They fell in love  all over again
The happy reunited couple
A woman and a gentle man 


  1. Very nice - special

  2. Thanks Marjory love conquers all