Thursday, 21 June 2012

Written on the Wall

As they looked
At the writing on the wall
What could it teach them
Could it teach them anything at all

Inscriptions of the past
How long would they last
As they have stood for thousands of years
Travellers from all over
Come to see their wares

Standing in a small lit room
Their diaries of the life back then
Told them all
Like life size words
In picture quality

Portrays of illustrated workings
Of the peoples way of then
What were these people living through
Was it a simpler lifestyle for men and women

With tunnels and rooms
Of clues all around
Some undiscovered
For the roof could fall in

Built up high for the eyes to see
Stepping stairs to the top
Hidden treasures
Only for their hearts once be

So as we go and see
All that is there
Remember to honour who these people were
Respect their journey and writings on the wall
Gravity of them
Lifting something so large
Took thousand of men

Working hard for all their worth
Not stopping until
They completed this work
It must have hurt

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