Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bring me Back

With a heart full of strength
His arms full of speed
He quickly whipped her from
The running waters need

As her delicate body
Hung in his muscle ripped arms
He looked down on her skin
As he rescued her charms

Her eyes still closed in tight
Her breath hardly there
He placed his lips on hers
And breathed deep breaths of air

When she was not waking up
To his efforts of sword
He never gave up
She was his reward
Just then one huge breath
She turned and woke
As her eyes
How they wept

He smiled at her so tenderly
He longed for response
She thanked him for
All he had done
The man of the wood

Who helped her
Back to health
Now she knew
That this was her greatest wealth

She kissed him so gently
On his lips that he once placed
On her lifeless lips
She would never forget
His beautiful smiling face

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jumping sights

Ponds of living things
Eyes full of surprise
Wonders of a living land
Opens up one’s eyes

Hear the smallest of noises
Beating of the river rocks
Hurrying flowing waters
Trying fast to get there

Racing against a winning race
Jumping fish in streams
Rainbow colour ones
Wriggling ones just about everywhere

Pinching of the tiny life
Nibbling on fresh toes
Crossing over dirty rocks
In feet so bare

Flourishing land across
Horses eat all that is there
Hungry for its beauty
Popping yellow heads
Peeping out to
The ones who walk here

Tiny hollows in the bank
Breathing fresh new life
As we cross back over the wooden planks
Sheltering under
The half hung trees
Hoping for a fresh breath
Of some air please

Looking up as the sun splits
Down on me
Lapping on the sunscreen
As i listen to the shallow waters between 

Thirsty Work

Tumbling towers of wonders
On the tree tops
Shaken twinkling showers
Of yummy ice pops

Dropping off like icicles
Freezing half way down
Shake them very quickly
Before they hit the chocolate ground

Baskets at the ready
Full of flavours
Which one will i see
Oh quick a strawberry bubble gum
Blowing circles back at me

Dipping it now
That I’m ready for the chocolate
To cover the top
Oh what a wonderful
Flavour of an ice pop

Oh i hear a cloud burst
Here come the sprinkles
Through the air
All the different colours
From the rainbows burst so rare

Making it so perfect
Almost to good to taste
But i wonder to myself
There is no point in waste

So as i enjoy my ice pop
It takes my thirst away
Wonder when i wake up tomorrow
What will come my way

Wind Swept

Standing in a circle
Of colourful light
Looking up to the skies
Not forgetting their fight

Courage and strength
All soldiered on
Even when times were tough
Took life by the horns

Spirits rise
Above empty eyes
Sparkles of shadows
Leaving loved ones behind

Whispers on the sunset
As their lives have shined
Whispering in our ears
Don’t be scared
Don’t feel afraid

Blowing kisses
On our neck
Leaving goose pimples on our skin
Wonders of who they were
And where they have been

Settling into the darkness
Where stories left them cold
Turn down the lights
Nothing was left untold

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Swinging like monkeys
From tree to tree
We were real live wires
We were like giant bumble bees

Adventure was our game
It was written in our names
Play the game
Count to ten

Pulling us along
Feeling strong
Freewheeling all the way
It really was our day

No hands now
Arms reaching out
Touching bud living branches
Us like cowboys
Living in ranches

A tree a stem
We made something from nothing at all
Using our time
Not standing still
We never did crawl

Grabbing fruit
Free for all
Chasing through open fields
The farmer didn’t stall
He would shout out
Come back
He would bawl

Running as fast as we could
Not wanting to be his bait
But we misunderstood
As if he could catch us
An old man was he
He would have his moment
To bask in his own glory

A bag left on the road
A passerby would see
Oh what could be in it
Their greedy eyes
Not me

Trying not to laugh
As they searched nothing at all
Roaring knew they were tricked
We ran and ran
As they tried to catch our fall
Nothing beats growing up
With a chain of fun events
The fun and freedom
No worries

The time you had well spent
Making mistakes
Learning along the way
Knowing that when you grow up
They would make you laugh someday

Staying in touch

Drifting off to new shores
It was so hard
For you to do
For some families
They have no clue

One minute your there
The next you gone
Your seat is empty
Our hearts are been pulled along

Saying goodbye
Not knowing when you would return
If you would at all
You did come back
But then you were gone

As time passed by
So did we
Then we heard nothing
Our hearts nearly stopped
Our voice did drop

Where were you
We did not know
We searched for you
We looked for you to show
Effortless journeys
Nothing came of it
Until that one evening
A social event

A message
Could it really be
We had longed to know
What happened to you
On your journey
To explore

When finally
Ringing you
A voice on the other side
I nearly passed out
My feelings i could not hide

Glad to hear that you were safe and well
The past didn’t matter
We did not dwell
We were glad to know

That we could finally contact you
You were our missing link
To the family
Who will always love you

Sunshine Dreams

As the tracks ran by
We would run smile and play
Sun shining along
Giving us happiness
That made our day

Flowing streams
Of new life
Each of us
Dared the other
To dive in

Running jumping
Grabbing both knees
Landing in one piece
We did pray

As we hit the water
Like a ton of bricks
Coming up for air
Laughter and fun
We knew all the tricks

Fame was our game
Dancing like water babies
Fun for all
Turn up the music
Where is the suntan
We would call

Fresh air
Lungs full of breath
Buzzing along
No worries in life

Testing each place
A different every day
Where will be our swimming pool
Where will we venture today

Every time a different one
Turn the music up
Let’s hear a song
Play it louder
We would shout

Love on the Run

Time after time
Waiting for the doorbell chime
Waiting like a fool for you
Wishing and waiting
Thinking you would return
Not realising that you had turned your back

Phone calls
Not a signal one
Ringing you
Only to hear an empty tone
Hurt and crushed to the bone

Heavy hearted
Shield of effort
Worn at last
Remembering when we had a blast

Now a barrier
Stand between you and me
You’re not the person you used to be
I was stupid to let you use me

Lessons learned
Fingers burnt
Fires aside
Emotions scattered

In a whirlwind mind
As the breaths of effort
You once made
Now have faded away

They have decade
Enough is enough
There is no way back
I’m moving on now
No more looking at life
Through an broken crack

Carving a Path

Touching tops
Of lifeless air
Saddened by the nothing that was there
Grasping on waterfalls
Of fields so bare

Once there was
Open land
Filled with jumping souls
Nothing much goes here
Looking up goblin heads
Hidden treasure bowls

As each piece of land
Is fed a fresh footstep
Almost awaking
What used to live there

Tired are the storys
That was once spread around
For all to share
Silence has once again
Fallen the mysterious air

Shaken braches
Clashing a drum
Of entertainment
Following us along
Whispering tales
Of who and where they belonged

Etching carved initials
Into bark seeping out
Here is their mark
That will someday
Draw an audience of interest
Of curious spark

As the grass opens up
To let us through
Wishing us on our way
Clock dandelions whisk off
Into the evening sky

Trying to catch one stem
If only for that single second
As the evening closes in
Time for a warm story to be sought  

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Memories of Hope

Staring out shattered glass
Of helpless sight
Everyday feeling the same
As the next
Wishing he had wings to take flight

Falling to the ground in a heap
Of reckless fear
Hiding out
Unable to shout
His emotions

His lips seemed to move
But fell on deaf ears
He would hang his head in shame
Unable to say her name

He couldn’t understand
Why she went away
Hurting to the bone
Wanting her to return someday

As he looked out over
The moonlit pond
Shadows of her memory
Filled his held out hand

Whispers of her voice
Enters his mind
Forgetting all of those years
He knew he never could

As time went by
And he knew he had to live on
He looked to her picture on
The window sill

She had left her stamp
On a lonely man’s heart
Breaking it like a jigsaw
Leaving pieces
Scattered all over the place 

Diamond Hearts

Little tiny princess songs
Gathering all her friends around to listen
To her wonderful heart beaten drums
Leaving a feeling of good within
Leaving happiness of smiling lasting feelings

Diamond shinning light
Sharing all she knew
Like a free spirit
Like a free flying bird in flight

Open words
That hit each cord
Offering others a lending ear
Something new for them to listen to
Listening and connecting
With something to dear

Relating to others
Can be a good experience
This was her message
To her audience

Give a little
Give alot
Share more
Of what you have got

Don’t hide away
Behind closed doors
Go out and remember to explore
As her songs almost finished
And her last one rang out
The crowd were on their feet
Singing and shouting out

She stood back
And smiled
Knowing her connection meant so much to them
As she lay down her guitar
The crowd left happy and content

Drifting Tides

Stone walls
Breaking down
Barriers between
Broken ground

Sheltered thoughts
Locked in place
Some in and out of space
Rubbing away with white linen cloths

Reflections of promises
Reflections of then
Could she of seen what she seen
Could she still hide

As she took down each brick
In her own time
The light became stronger
She finally did shine
Love has one meaning for some
And a total different one for others
Loving yourself
Not holding onto barriers

Escaping reality
Can be easy to do
Sitting in an open emptiness
Is not what she wanted to do

With Arms held together
She walked tall and strong
She finally knew
Just where she belonged

Tiny angel Wings

Little tiny angel wings
Startled by footsteps
Coming out to play
Running around open pathways
On a fine sun shine day

Sitting in open petals
Flowing at the sides
Head on lap
Holding all in
Trying to hide

Sprinkling of magic dust
Colours shinning through a glow
Each one so perfect
Gathering along in a row

As you look on at
All that is around you
Smiling at all the wonders
Smelling the perfumes

Hand held out
As dancing fairies gather around to see
The most beautiful angel
Sitting in petals below the blossoming trees

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Expect the unexpected

When someone lifts their face up to smile
it can catch your attention
if only for a little while
when someone goes out of their way for you
it can mean the whole world to the few
When someone opens a door
lets you go in first
it means in this person you can trust
when someone asks you how are you today
it means they know how to treat
people the same way
When someone offers help
to those who have no help at all
it means they are helpful and caring
loving and all
when someone takes the time
to give up their seat
even tough their tired and weary
this is how they greet
not thinking of how that seat belongs to them
offering a signal of manners
gentle gesture of kind offering
When someone listens always
don’t forget to listen back
it doesn’t mean they don’t need you
as much as you needed to have the craic
When someone wants nothing at all in return
welcome their wishes
don’t go on and on
one good turn always deserves another
the kindest thing you can do
is to be there for others

Unexpected Sights

Standing in a cold dark hall
i really thought i’d seen it all
when something strange in front of me
pushed me back
went right through me
Holding on to the walls in between
could this be happening
could this be real
feeling a little shaking
frozen in time
Just should walk on now
if it really doesn’t mind
body abit worse for the ware
screaming out is there anyone there
Thinking it was one of my brothers or sister who
was messing around
acting the fool
who knew
All i know from that day on
i felt more weary
as time went on
knowing that something was there you see
but i suppose it didn’t want to hurt me
So as the house fills up with all sorts
i bid them good day
i run like i’m on a race course
sometimes catching shadows
in the still of the night
but now i’m not scared
i don’t get a fright

Monday, 16 July 2012

Ripe for the Picking

On the edge of wonderful awareness
Living in beauty of excellence
Offering of juice filled flowing branches
Rivers of life
Fill our empty happiness

No need for rumbling
No need to go without
As gifts of hunger
Are there for your belief

Ripe for the picking
Making fun for all
Some will be turned across
Naked fields of hay turning stalls

Golden shallow laneways
Of calling out to them
Waking up early
To tired weary men

Water is on the boil
Steaming burning bread
Little tops of white and pink
Peaking up there heads

Rain ruins the growth
It causes quiet a storm
Rushing to get it in
Filling up on corn

Fresh milk to cream the dairy
Fresh bake to fall in place
The discoveries that take over
A wonderful  exciting race 

Walking in Motion

Reaping waterfalls
Whispers of the night
Cats wondering footsteps
Suspicious minds in sight

Walking in slow motion
Around worn out corners
Closet doors half hanging
From all the banging

Mirror grasps images
From the times before
As the tears of pain
Remind her of all
She wanted now and then

Circles of laughter
Come around
At different times
Singing along to a song
Keeping in tune

Laneways of wilderness
Filtering back
Mountains in the background
Falling between the cracks

Sparkle of my Eye

Still is the life
Shouting out in fight
Holding back
Hidden underneath
Remembering the first time
They did meet

Where is the road
We used to walk
Where is the cloth we used
As a cloak

Sapling trees
Young at heart
Every step brought
You a step closer to a
Beating heart

Part  of me wanted
It all
When another wanted
Nothing at all

Diving in with both feet
Feeling like a life
Without you
Could never feel complete

As the air tied in tight
And the salt fell from the sea
Crashing of the stormy waves
Climbing in from the moonlight

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Breathless Haze

A statue of yesterday
a shadow of his former self
looking out the open doorway
along the paved pathway of a shelf

Clinging grasping withering flowers
reaching out to him
holding gaps
along in between

Steps that count each
beat of his heart
Shoe less feet
worn out from the start

Acquiring his taste for fruit 
that called him close
colors of thirst
that coated his dried up throat

Looking over to the tied up grass
flecking of white cotton slender
was his looking glass
appealing to his eyes of class

As light bounced shadows
of framed windows
the turning and drifting
of washed up clothes

Smells of excellence
that filled the hazy air
catching his hunger
like a man of no where

As he sat and filtered all
that caught his eyes
Looking up
to the cloud less painted skies

Friday, 13 July 2012

Fragile Glass

Focus on your present
never on the past
lessons learned from yesterday
will probably never last

Leave it where it is
sometimes trying to change it
can impact your fragile glass
walking through fields of yesterday
are in the past

Today is a day you have control
do the best you can
to guide your own soul
live for you not for others
today is your day
Let your hair down
live your own way

Worry not about tomorrow
or what it will bring
no one knows
what is around the corner
spread your wings
be who you want to be

Walk along roads of your own journey
making sure you go where you want to go
Enjoy the seasons of life cycle
don 't be afraid to put on it all on show

Live for you
Be happy in your own skin
smile the biggest smiles
hold on to your families grins

Searching to find yourself
knowing who you are
Be happy with your fill
don 't try and set your bar to high
You can only do what you can do
Remember at the end of the day
you are living for you

Her Conquest

Drifting down pathways
of straight roads
wind in her hair
Not a worry
not a care

With adventure in her soul
and freedom on her back
cycling gave her fulfillment
to cruise on along the cracks

Arms held out
feet peddling away
sun shinning in the sky
what a breathless
summers day

No crisp air to catch her breath
warmth of the cloudless sky
pushing her towards
roads that never end

As half hung trees
flourish cheering her along
a silent breeze
plays their song

Her heart was heavy before
but now has fizzled out
voices that once tortured her mind
no longer gave out a shout

Whispering only to say
oh what a wonderful day
As she came close to home
along the rocky wall
Evening closed in
Leaving her freedom machine
up against the old stony wall

As she lay down for the night
memories of that day
relaxed her on her way
for a nights rest
tomorrow would be another day
Another conquest


Take me on a journey
of self discovery
Take me on a journey
where no one can see the real me
Take me and carefully tuck me away
not understanding who i am today

My pages are carefully folded
into a neat pile of self discovery
My insides are turned into a whole new me
Finding out who you really are
finding your way in life
Where ever you can

Searching roads
searching where you first met
Dusty edges
shake them off
to reveal your true self
Your no longer that book that no one
wanted to read on a lonely shelf

Walking a day in some else' s shoes
can sometimes cause your ego to bruise
Take your steps so carefully
remembering your only you
your only your self

Sitting on your dreams
will bring nothing at all
Listen to your aspirations
listen to your call
Don' t leave it until
you feel nothing at all

Peel back your layers
let others in
A road of self discovery
can be your hurt and fall
Take hold of yourself
holding your hands out
knowing that someday
Things will always work out

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

This is what she fought for

She fought both day and night
she gave her all
she never had much to give to anyone
but she heard her call

Supporting others in their time of need
never running around with any greed
others always came before her
she could have callers at any time
day or night banging on her door

A listening ear
an open heart
she asked them to slow down
and tell them where to start

Shelter and patience
was her gift
taking on other peoples problems
is something she could do

A vessel of wonder
a mountain of strength
she knew what she would do
was time well spent

As the money was in short supply
she still managed to make it go
from one day to the next
even tough her situation was so complex

I guess this was her call
this was her giving it all
others leaned on her
even when her back was up against the wall

This is what an Irish summer looks like

Rain pelting pouring down
turning smiles upside down
frowning faces eyes full of sad
when surely we should be alive and glad
taping at the window
on it goes
no such thing as sunshine rainbows
clothes gather around the house
no drying in the air
the rocks can fall out of them
do we really care
Understanding thats just the way it is
when it does shine
it lightens us all up inside
shifting our mood
taking us on a floating cloud
of uncontrolable happiness
of childrens laughter
oh what a wonderful sound
Take each day in your stride
dont run from the rain
dont hide
embrace your days
like their all the same
been healthy and happy
we shouldnt complain
As it gives us life
and feeds the food we grow
wont be long now
until its winter
and the snow is on the floor

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Arms of Rest

Shadows of the past
Are never meant to last
We try to shake them off
Sometimes they come back
Never hanging around long enough
To cause us to have a blast

Benches of yesterday
When we used to sit there for hours
Sometimes all day
We would talk and talk
You only wanted to walk

Time well spent
As others shared theirs too
A seat can have a
Thousand meanings
To the crowd who capture you

If you’re wood had ears
What would you hear
Would you really want to
Share it with someone today

Effortless emotions
Sheltered on the bay
Rocky situations
Crossing paths everyday

A night time call
For a wary person who
You give shelter to
Their weary body that is tired
You have touched their situation
You have chosen them to mind

Locked Emotions

Clashing of the waves
Pushing against the rocks
Turning their attention
To all the past knocks

Jumping over hurdles
Lifting shores of the past
Trying to get over
What was thought could never last

Breezes of wonder
Shoulders of no more
Cries of their laughter
Emptiness once more

Sliding doors
Open hearts
Moving obstacles
Sharing objects

Drinking down
Touching their feet
Sharing important moments
Feeling complete

Friends are united
Come together when they can
Not always waiting
For the call of her man

Listening to the stories of the past
Remembering how this could
Affect them at last
Offering each other

Someone to be there
Sitting on a bar stool
Not young any more
Hearing how the others
Life has taught them to explore

With farewells and goodbyes
Remembering reunions
Are always there
Sharing important moments
With those who really care

Silk Sheets

Lips tied together
Under a sea of red
Tender skin touches
His soft gentle hands
Holds her eyes in time

Sharing that moment
Two hearts combined
Forever folding feelings
Wanting even more

Lying on the sand
With the evening sky
Closing in
Love was watching
Over him

Hitting his body
Like a star through the night sky
He was alive inside
This he could not hide

Smitten by her beauty
She was embracing his powerful looks
His eyes were so domineering
They were stuck to her like hooks

With fingers closing tight
Fitting each other so well
As their bodies complimented one another
She knew that he could tell

This was her moment
To achieve what she wanted that night
Holding all the cards
She surely was the queen of hearts

Hunger threw him off track
Thirsty for what she gave back
The more he got he wanted it all the more
Sharing a lifetime together
Her lifeline he wanted to explore

Silk sheets
Bluebell fields cloud covered skies
Reflecting him
Sucking all their love
Into one place
Knowing if he let her go  
Her love he could never replace

Sunday, 8 July 2012

On the Rebound

Let your imagination flow
Ideas come and go
Words are not always easy to find
Some are harder to know

Children jumping around
Noise is the sound
Use it as your audience
Use as a rebound

Clapping away
As you scrape your last word out
At last you got it done
Done and dusted
Hearing you shout

Trials of error have been fixed
A few extra pieces thrown into the mix
Editing and looking at the flaws
Holding hand underneath
A worn out jaw

Speaking out your words
Talking out loud
Hearing the crowd
Share your excitement

You now have a new route to take
Yet another book to show to others
Another to complicate
Slipping through your fingers
The hours pass by

Shutting closing eyes
Before you want to cry
Fatigue takes a hold of you
Stop only when half way through
Shelter yourself in a cove of words
Speaking only when your day if done

As the words jot down
And your heart feels full
Your mind is now relaxed and at ease
Life is back to a silent breeze
Not racing along feeling the squeeze

Slipping off the Page

Standing on pages of yesterday
Words seem to just slip away
Canvas of colour there no more
The story just seemed to seep into the floor

Underneath the cover
Of the title
Not knowing then
Stood on shoulders
Of strong gentlemen

Captivating minds
Holden onto the edges
Flipping across to see
Over grown up hedges

Scrolling back and fort
Memories in it path
Scattered illustrations
Blurred out by the words

Blurring eye sight worn
Tiredness and feeling torn
Shutting up the book
Oh will write a little more
Just want to take another look

Field of green
Freedom is on each page
Some are in my mind
Feeling like their locked in a cage

Seek and you shall find
Each one will come to you
Words that bounce right back
Singing their song to the few  

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Under the Covers

Purple thrown sheets of cover
Bringing him out in chills
Almost catching his tired worn
Out shallow breath

Running ground
Of lavender sound
Echoes of secrets
Rushing in each heart pound

Run and run
Not able to escape
The life that was his tape
Holding his arms

Like shackles of no way out
In the middle of the field
He let out a shout
As he fell to his knees

Scraping both in the squeeze
Looking to the skies
Begging for some light
To shine his lonely heart

Giving him a hope
Shifting his mood
He looked on at his reaction
Through a microscope

Never feeling so tired
He even heard his own cries
As he dealt the cards
That he had chosen to see

Now knowing that this was not him
Owing it to those
That brought him up to know better
He wiped away his fears

Riding off in his own story
He held on tight
His journey was surely bumpy
Full of ups and downs

But as the rivers run clear
He turned his life around
Heart full of hope
He knew he belonged somewhere

Story Lines

Not knowing who he was
He didn’t seem to sure
Of himself either
Looking to her for reassurance

Covering her in looks
Of admiration
Wanting her approval
Not been able to figure out
Who she was

He would stand close to her
Sometimes watching from afar
Pretending like he was doing
Something else

When all he wanted her in
His life
In his presence
As he spoke softly
His words left her

Wanting more
He looked at her thinking
She was always trying to ignore
When all she wanted to do
Is get to know him
To let him explore

His strong arms
Could protect her
No one would harm her
As he brought on his charms

Delicately his eyes
Touched her inner soul
Holding her heart
Sending it out of control

Tightly catching her lip
While looking on
He never had a clue
He never knew his charm
And muscle strong arms

Then as he spoke
Her eyes grabbed his attention too
He could see her admiring him
But still was so confused

As they went on their way
At times meeting again
Strangers still
They both looked on
Admired, amazed and gazed

Love Changes

Standing on the waters edge
Emptiness of loneliness
Filled her once full heart
Holding his clipped wings in her hand
A man she could never understand

As clouds drew closer
The moon barely lighten the sky line
Dusted clay
Brought him away
He never looked back that day

Her tear drops hits the
Grasping calling rocks
Falling softly against them
Hot but then not

Almost freezing before hitting down below
Earth shattering heartache
She thought
Oh no here we go

As images of his hands
Reached out to her
Pleading for her back
In her head she felt like she would crack

Wanting to change him
After all these years
She had paid the price
Of possibly never seen him

Holding back
Fighting back her salty tears
As silent were her footsteps
That barely pressed the ground
Her heart made a lonely
Whispering sound

Memories of those days
She always would have
The man she sought to change
Leaving herself heartbroken
No one to hold her hand

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Éire’s Eye

Living in Ireland
You see
Means so much to me
Neighbours are always there
They show that they really care

Even when times are hard
The lending hand is held out
Interesting things can happen
Curtain twitching random shouts

No matter what we have been through
We sail on in our canoe
We ride the tides of hard
We fly our flag with pride

No matter where you go there’s a smile
A welcome even if your only here for a while
A little island it may be
But the people in it
Make it you see

We have travelled all over the world
We have set up countries that we did mould
We drink the beer
We know when to stay clear
Family is the most vital part of our lives
Looking after the children and the wife

Jobs are no where to be seen
Education is our only resource
That is slowly been torn away at the seams
We have our voice
We use it well

We are great story tellers
A tale we can tell
We have our heritage
It goes back in time
We never forget those who freed us
Giving us a good life

We have beautiful landscape
Quality hospitality
We are the smiling Irish
A bheith ar mian leat a bheith
Ceiliúradh a dhéanamh ar do thír

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hand to Mouth

Peaking heads of green
Looking up between
The vast long fields
Showing off your shields

Throwing back colour
Of green and yellow
Farmers rushing on
To save their crop and farm

Looking on at rain
Can be their fighting game
While at times they welcome it
Other times it can be their firing spit

Water logged fields
Watching it all die away
Machines not able to rescue
The crops that have been damaged so far

Helping themselves is all they can do
Selling whats left
To the shops and public too
Rushing at a race
Baking at a pace

In Late July early August
The machines will convoy the roads
Loading up the corn of crops
Hay bales are their loads

Children will enjoy playing in them
Growing up remembering making houses out of them
Eagerly wanting to help the farmers out
We would stand in trailers
As the corn sieved through a rather large spout

The roads would rumble
With the traffic on it
Hazy weather
We just gazed on at it

But this year has
Been so wet
Their wares would bring them upset
As their struggle to make ends meet
Sheltering their tired feet

So when buying food
Give a care of how it gets there
For a weary tired broken farmer
Of how much work he put into it
With all his fight
All of his care 

Little Helpers

Little elves
They help themselves
To share all my wares
Not even giving a thought
To who owns these left over
Which they must have seen as spares

Waking up to a mess
It got me in a muddle
Then what did I end up stepping in
Only a huge water puddle

Spilled all over the floor
Shouting out oh
What more
What has happened
Where did come from

I only know where I begun
So as I start to tell a story
Don’t forget to keep up
With me

I left to go out for a few hrs
Before I left
I remember asking for help
Knowing I had so much to do
And only myself to finish the work
Thinking I was going out of my mind
Going berserk

So I locked the door
And left all as it was
Returning to it
With a fresh mind
I done it because

No one else was there to clean up
This mess
Finishing it all
Gave me quiet a conquest

Closing my eyes
And then waking up to this
Oh wanting to run away
Its always hit and miss
So I decided this is just what I will do
Maybe a super cleaning fairy
Will do all she can do

Not in my wildest dreams could it be done
On returning the little elves
Had hovered from top to bottom
Dusted and washed the entire place
Oh I was surprised
The look on my face
I left a little note

I thanked them for their work
After all it was their mess
That had made me go berserk
After all that they had done
Wanting to walk and then run
Happiness filled my heart
Until the next time they had fun

Tales of Yesterday

As the rivers run fast
So did our young hearts
Full of energy
Full of memories

Waking up early to earn
A few pound
On our bikes
Rolling up to the fields of red
Back then

Catching a break
When ever we could
Back on the saddle
Climbing hills
Free wheeling through trees of wood

As our shadows played along
Sometimes in front of us
What ever way the sun did shine
Pulling along the wheels of our bikes

Starving hunger knocking on mothers door
Please fill us before we fall to the floor
Resting for awhile
Before heading for a wash

In the local river
It was ours not a bit posh
We would swim for hours on end
Telling stories around a camp fire

Cooking food hung
From a clothes hanger
Like a thin wire
Throwing on some more firewood

Watching the flames getting higher
Indians and chieftains
Dancing to his dance
He had us all in his grace

He had us in a trance
The man of the camp
He told us stories of old
As we warmed our tired bodies

Around the ring of mould
Shivering had left us
We ran the cold away
As we turned down for the night
And said good night for today
And done the same the next day

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shield of Life

Troubled skies
Colours of darkness
Hiding the suns light
Shielding her knife

Protective shield
Was her mask in her hand
Bats filled the moon
Shadows of them flew

Blowing of haziness
Of moon light glow
Bursting fumes of black
Mixed with purple and red
Rushing through the thinning line
Hurting like a bleeding heart

As lingering eyes
Peeped out
From the waters edge
Rustling of lurking hedge

Her shawl covering her
Heavy shoulders
As she walked along
She disappeared away

He suddenly then realised
She was not there anymore
He tried to hold onto her
What ever way he could

But her light was taken away
He was holding onto
Nothing at all
Only an image that all

Living in hallways
Walking through empty stalls
A slight whisper in his ear
A single slight breeze

Hurting clouds pulled
Back their curtains
Making room for his
New emotions

His tears that followed
Her foot prints in the sand
Walking in her shoes
Never wanting to let go of her hand

She was gone now
But somehow would always be there
He knew this now
As her mask was now taken away

Hand of Faith

As a hand of faith
Opens out to you
Hold it with kindness
Try to see it through

Let it in
Embrace what it means
Holding on to the meaning
Of what you have seen gleaming

While others let go
You’re so keen to show
That you’re willing to give it your all
Not wanting to let go
Not wanting to fall

Hear you shout out
Hear your call
Catch me
Save me now

While some will be there for you
Others will turn away
It might not be today
It may have been yesterday

Soldier on
Don’t shy away
You are your own person
You can fight your own fight

Free now
As a spirit
Gliding through
Cloudless skies

No more pain
No more grey skies
Freedom is there
Walk a mile in your own shoes

While others stare on
Just like before
Except now
You are carrying yourself with confidence
Off in to the sunset
Off to your own paradise
In to a place you haven’t been yet

Blank Mind

Lifting life the pages
Words never seem to be coming to her
Not one idea
It had seemed she had not had one in ages

Drifting off into a sleep
No not a single idea
Not a single peep
Oh what to do

As her eyes stared out through
The coffee shop
She had almost given up
No more room for another cup

Just then a group of working men
Caught her eye
Distracting her empty call
Pulling out what she had hidden within

Suddenly filled with ideas
She never knew ever existed
Flying off the pages
Her pen barely able to keep up

Sweat filled her body
Unable to keep going on
As they threw off their wears
Clothes barely hanging on

Rushing her ideas down
Almost scraping the paper that was so thin
As her final sentence finally came together
Jotted down thoughts followed
As her last cup of coffee she did swallow