Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blank Mind

Lifting life the pages
Words never seem to be coming to her
Not one idea
It had seemed she had not had one in ages

Drifting off into a sleep
No not a single idea
Not a single peep
Oh what to do

As her eyes stared out through
The coffee shop
She had almost given up
No more room for another cup

Just then a group of working men
Caught her eye
Distracting her empty call
Pulling out what she had hidden within

Suddenly filled with ideas
She never knew ever existed
Flying off the pages
Her pen barely able to keep up

Sweat filled her body
Unable to keep going on
As they threw off their wears
Clothes barely hanging on

Rushing her ideas down
Almost scraping the paper that was so thin
As her final sentence finally came together
Jotted down thoughts followed
As her last cup of coffee she did swallow

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