Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bring me Back

With a heart full of strength
His arms full of speed
He quickly whipped her from
The running waters need

As her delicate body
Hung in his muscle ripped arms
He looked down on her skin
As he rescued her charms

Her eyes still closed in tight
Her breath hardly there
He placed his lips on hers
And breathed deep breaths of air

When she was not waking up
To his efforts of sword
He never gave up
She was his reward
Just then one huge breath
She turned and woke
As her eyes
How they wept

He smiled at her so tenderly
He longed for response
She thanked him for
All he had done
The man of the wood

Who helped her
Back to health
Now she knew
That this was her greatest wealth

She kissed him so gently
On his lips that he once placed
On her lifeless lips
She would never forget
His beautiful smiling face

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