Saturday, 21 July 2012


Swinging like monkeys
From tree to tree
We were real live wires
We were like giant bumble bees

Adventure was our game
It was written in our names
Play the game
Count to ten

Pulling us along
Feeling strong
Freewheeling all the way
It really was our day

No hands now
Arms reaching out
Touching bud living branches
Us like cowboys
Living in ranches

A tree a stem
We made something from nothing at all
Using our time
Not standing still
We never did crawl

Grabbing fruit
Free for all
Chasing through open fields
The farmer didn’t stall
He would shout out
Come back
He would bawl

Running as fast as we could
Not wanting to be his bait
But we misunderstood
As if he could catch us
An old man was he
He would have his moment
To bask in his own glory

A bag left on the road
A passerby would see
Oh what could be in it
Their greedy eyes
Not me

Trying not to laugh
As they searched nothing at all
Roaring knew they were tricked
We ran and ran
As they tried to catch our fall
Nothing beats growing up
With a chain of fun events
The fun and freedom
No worries

The time you had well spent
Making mistakes
Learning along the way
Knowing that when you grow up
They would make you laugh someday

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