Friday, 13 July 2012


Take me on a journey
of self discovery
Take me on a journey
where no one can see the real me
Take me and carefully tuck me away
not understanding who i am today

My pages are carefully folded
into a neat pile of self discovery
My insides are turned into a whole new me
Finding out who you really are
finding your way in life
Where ever you can

Searching roads
searching where you first met
Dusty edges
shake them off
to reveal your true self
Your no longer that book that no one
wanted to read on a lonely shelf

Walking a day in some else' s shoes
can sometimes cause your ego to bruise
Take your steps so carefully
remembering your only you
your only your self

Sitting on your dreams
will bring nothing at all
Listen to your aspirations
listen to your call
Don' t leave it until
you feel nothing at all

Peel back your layers
let others in
A road of self discovery
can be your hurt and fall
Take hold of yourself
holding your hands out
knowing that someday
Things will always work out

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