Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Expect the unexpected

When someone lifts their face up to smile
it can catch your attention
if only for a little while
when someone goes out of their way for you
it can mean the whole world to the few
When someone opens a door
lets you go in first
it means in this person you can trust
when someone asks you how are you today
it means they know how to treat
people the same way
When someone offers help
to those who have no help at all
it means they are helpful and caring
loving and all
when someone takes the time
to give up their seat
even tough their tired and weary
this is how they greet
not thinking of how that seat belongs to them
offering a signal of manners
gentle gesture of kind offering
When someone listens always
don’t forget to listen back
it doesn’t mean they don’t need you
as much as you needed to have the craic
When someone wants nothing at all in return
welcome their wishes
don’t go on and on
one good turn always deserves another
the kindest thing you can do
is to be there for others

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