Friday, 13 July 2012

Fragile Glass

Focus on your present
never on the past
lessons learned from yesterday
will probably never last

Leave it where it is
sometimes trying to change it
can impact your fragile glass
walking through fields of yesterday
are in the past

Today is a day you have control
do the best you can
to guide your own soul
live for you not for others
today is your day
Let your hair down
live your own way

Worry not about tomorrow
or what it will bring
no one knows
what is around the corner
spread your wings
be who you want to be

Walk along roads of your own journey
making sure you go where you want to go
Enjoy the seasons of life cycle
don 't be afraid to put on it all on show

Live for you
Be happy in your own skin
smile the biggest smiles
hold on to your families grins

Searching to find yourself
knowing who you are
Be happy with your fill
don 't try and set your bar to high
You can only do what you can do
Remember at the end of the day
you are living for you

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