Friday, 13 July 2012

Her Conquest

Drifting down pathways
of straight roads
wind in her hair
Not a worry
not a care

With adventure in her soul
and freedom on her back
cycling gave her fulfillment
to cruise on along the cracks

Arms held out
feet peddling away
sun shinning in the sky
what a breathless
summers day

No crisp air to catch her breath
warmth of the cloudless sky
pushing her towards
roads that never end

As half hung trees
flourish cheering her along
a silent breeze
plays their song

Her heart was heavy before
but now has fizzled out
voices that once tortured her mind
no longer gave out a shout

Whispering only to say
oh what a wonderful day
As she came close to home
along the rocky wall
Evening closed in
Leaving her freedom machine
up against the old stony wall

As she lay down for the night
memories of that day
relaxed her on her way
for a nights rest
tomorrow would be another day
Another conquest

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