Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jumping sights

Ponds of living things
Eyes full of surprise
Wonders of a living land
Opens up one’s eyes

Hear the smallest of noises
Beating of the river rocks
Hurrying flowing waters
Trying fast to get there

Racing against a winning race
Jumping fish in streams
Rainbow colour ones
Wriggling ones just about everywhere

Pinching of the tiny life
Nibbling on fresh toes
Crossing over dirty rocks
In feet so bare

Flourishing land across
Horses eat all that is there
Hungry for its beauty
Popping yellow heads
Peeping out to
The ones who walk here

Tiny hollows in the bank
Breathing fresh new life
As we cross back over the wooden planks
Sheltering under
The half hung trees
Hoping for a fresh breath
Of some air please

Looking up as the sun splits
Down on me
Lapping on the sunscreen
As i listen to the shallow waters between 

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