Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Little Helpers

Little elves
They help themselves
To share all my wares
Not even giving a thought
To who owns these left over
Which they must have seen as spares

Waking up to a mess
It got me in a muddle
Then what did I end up stepping in
Only a huge water puddle

Spilled all over the floor
Shouting out oh
What more
What has happened
Where did come from

I only know where I begun
So as I start to tell a story
Don’t forget to keep up
With me

I left to go out for a few hrs
Before I left
I remember asking for help
Knowing I had so much to do
And only myself to finish the work
Thinking I was going out of my mind
Going berserk

So I locked the door
And left all as it was
Returning to it
With a fresh mind
I done it because

No one else was there to clean up
This mess
Finishing it all
Gave me quiet a conquest

Closing my eyes
And then waking up to this
Oh wanting to run away
Its always hit and miss
So I decided this is just what I will do
Maybe a super cleaning fairy
Will do all she can do

Not in my wildest dreams could it be done
On returning the little elves
Had hovered from top to bottom
Dusted and washed the entire place
Oh I was surprised
The look on my face
I left a little note

I thanked them for their work
After all it was their mess
That had made me go berserk
After all that they had done
Wanting to walk and then run
Happiness filled my heart
Until the next time they had fun

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