Saturday, 21 July 2012

Love on the Run

Time after time
Waiting for the doorbell chime
Waiting like a fool for you
Wishing and waiting
Thinking you would return
Not realising that you had turned your back

Phone calls
Not a signal one
Ringing you
Only to hear an empty tone
Hurt and crushed to the bone

Heavy hearted
Shield of effort
Worn at last
Remembering when we had a blast

Now a barrier
Stand between you and me
You’re not the person you used to be
I was stupid to let you use me

Lessons learned
Fingers burnt
Fires aside
Emotions scattered

In a whirlwind mind
As the breaths of effort
You once made
Now have faded away

They have decade
Enough is enough
There is no way back
I’m moving on now
No more looking at life
Through an broken crack

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