Thursday, 19 July 2012

Memories of Hope

Staring out shattered glass
Of helpless sight
Everyday feeling the same
As the next
Wishing he had wings to take flight

Falling to the ground in a heap
Of reckless fear
Hiding out
Unable to shout
His emotions

His lips seemed to move
But fell on deaf ears
He would hang his head in shame
Unable to say her name

He couldn’t understand
Why she went away
Hurting to the bone
Wanting her to return someday

As he looked out over
The moonlit pond
Shadows of her memory
Filled his held out hand

Whispers of her voice
Enters his mind
Forgetting all of those years
He knew he never could

As time went by
And he knew he had to live on
He looked to her picture on
The window sill

She had left her stamp
On a lonely man’s heart
Breaking it like a jigsaw
Leaving pieces
Scattered all over the place 

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