Sunday, 8 July 2012

On the Rebound

Let your imagination flow
Ideas come and go
Words are not always easy to find
Some are harder to know

Children jumping around
Noise is the sound
Use it as your audience
Use as a rebound

Clapping away
As you scrape your last word out
At last you got it done
Done and dusted
Hearing you shout

Trials of error have been fixed
A few extra pieces thrown into the mix
Editing and looking at the flaws
Holding hand underneath
A worn out jaw

Speaking out your words
Talking out loud
Hearing the crowd
Share your excitement

You now have a new route to take
Yet another book to show to others
Another to complicate
Slipping through your fingers
The hours pass by

Shutting closing eyes
Before you want to cry
Fatigue takes a hold of you
Stop only when half way through
Shelter yourself in a cove of words
Speaking only when your day if done

As the words jot down
And your heart feels full
Your mind is now relaxed and at ease
Life is back to a silent breeze
Not racing along feeling the squeeze

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