Monday, 16 July 2012

Ripe for the Picking

On the edge of wonderful awareness
Living in beauty of excellence
Offering of juice filled flowing branches
Rivers of life
Fill our empty happiness

No need for rumbling
No need to go without
As gifts of hunger
Are there for your belief

Ripe for the picking
Making fun for all
Some will be turned across
Naked fields of hay turning stalls

Golden shallow laneways
Of calling out to them
Waking up early
To tired weary men

Water is on the boil
Steaming burning bread
Little tops of white and pink
Peaking up there heads

Rain ruins the growth
It causes quiet a storm
Rushing to get it in
Filling up on corn

Fresh milk to cream the dairy
Fresh bake to fall in place
The discoveries that take over
A wonderful  exciting race 

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