Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shield of Life

Troubled skies
Colours of darkness
Hiding the suns light
Shielding her knife

Protective shield
Was her mask in her hand
Bats filled the moon
Shadows of them flew

Blowing of haziness
Of moon light glow
Bursting fumes of black
Mixed with purple and red
Rushing through the thinning line
Hurting like a bleeding heart

As lingering eyes
Peeped out
From the waters edge
Rustling of lurking hedge

Her shawl covering her
Heavy shoulders
As she walked along
She disappeared away

He suddenly then realised
She was not there anymore
He tried to hold onto her
What ever way he could

But her light was taken away
He was holding onto
Nothing at all
Only an image that all

Living in hallways
Walking through empty stalls
A slight whisper in his ear
A single slight breeze

Hurting clouds pulled
Back their curtains
Making room for his
New emotions

His tears that followed
Her foot prints in the sand
Walking in her shoes
Never wanting to let go of her hand

She was gone now
But somehow would always be there
He knew this now
As her mask was now taken away

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