Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Silk Sheets

Lips tied together
Under a sea of red
Tender skin touches
His soft gentle hands
Holds her eyes in time

Sharing that moment
Two hearts combined
Forever folding feelings
Wanting even more

Lying on the sand
With the evening sky
Closing in
Love was watching
Over him

Hitting his body
Like a star through the night sky
He was alive inside
This he could not hide

Smitten by her beauty
She was embracing his powerful looks
His eyes were so domineering
They were stuck to her like hooks

With fingers closing tight
Fitting each other so well
As their bodies complimented one another
She knew that he could tell

This was her moment
To achieve what she wanted that night
Holding all the cards
She surely was the queen of hearts

Hunger threw him off track
Thirsty for what she gave back
The more he got he wanted it all the more
Sharing a lifetime together
Her lifeline he wanted to explore

Silk sheets
Bluebell fields cloud covered skies
Reflecting him
Sucking all their love
Into one place
Knowing if he let her go  
Her love he could never replace


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