Saturday, 7 July 2012

Story Lines

Not knowing who he was
He didn’t seem to sure
Of himself either
Looking to her for reassurance

Covering her in looks
Of admiration
Wanting her approval
Not been able to figure out
Who she was

He would stand close to her
Sometimes watching from afar
Pretending like he was doing
Something else

When all he wanted her in
His life
In his presence
As he spoke softly
His words left her

Wanting more
He looked at her thinking
She was always trying to ignore
When all she wanted to do
Is get to know him
To let him explore

His strong arms
Could protect her
No one would harm her
As he brought on his charms

Delicately his eyes
Touched her inner soul
Holding her heart
Sending it out of control

Tightly catching her lip
While looking on
He never had a clue
He never knew his charm
And muscle strong arms

Then as he spoke
Her eyes grabbed his attention too
He could see her admiring him
But still was so confused

As they went on their way
At times meeting again
Strangers still
They both looked on
Admired, amazed and gazed

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