Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sunshine Dreams

As the tracks ran by
We would run smile and play
Sun shining along
Giving us happiness
That made our day

Flowing streams
Of new life
Each of us
Dared the other
To dive in

Running jumping
Grabbing both knees
Landing in one piece
We did pray

As we hit the water
Like a ton of bricks
Coming up for air
Laughter and fun
We knew all the tricks

Fame was our game
Dancing like water babies
Fun for all
Turn up the music
Where is the suntan
We would call

Fresh air
Lungs full of breath
Buzzing along
No worries in life

Testing each place
A different every day
Where will be our swimming pool
Where will we venture today

Every time a different one
Turn the music up
Let’s hear a song
Play it louder
We would shout

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