Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Thirsty Work

Tumbling towers of wonders
On the tree tops
Shaken twinkling showers
Of yummy ice pops

Dropping off like icicles
Freezing half way down
Shake them very quickly
Before they hit the chocolate ground

Baskets at the ready
Full of flavours
Which one will i see
Oh quick a strawberry bubble gum
Blowing circles back at me

Dipping it now
That I’m ready for the chocolate
To cover the top
Oh what a wonderful
Flavour of an ice pop

Oh i hear a cloud burst
Here come the sprinkles
Through the air
All the different colours
From the rainbows burst so rare

Making it so perfect
Almost to good to taste
But i wonder to myself
There is no point in waste

So as i enjoy my ice pop
It takes my thirst away
Wonder when i wake up tomorrow
What will come my way

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