Wednesday, 11 July 2012

This is what she fought for

She fought both day and night
she gave her all
she never had much to give to anyone
but she heard her call

Supporting others in their time of need
never running around with any greed
others always came before her
she could have callers at any time
day or night banging on her door

A listening ear
an open heart
she asked them to slow down
and tell them where to start

Shelter and patience
was her gift
taking on other peoples problems
is something she could do

A vessel of wonder
a mountain of strength
she knew what she would do
was time well spent

As the money was in short supply
she still managed to make it go
from one day to the next
even tough her situation was so complex

I guess this was her call
this was her giving it all
others leaned on her
even when her back was up against the wall

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