Saturday, 7 July 2012

Under the Covers

Purple thrown sheets of cover
Bringing him out in chills
Almost catching his tired worn
Out shallow breath

Running ground
Of lavender sound
Echoes of secrets
Rushing in each heart pound

Run and run
Not able to escape
The life that was his tape
Holding his arms

Like shackles of no way out
In the middle of the field
He let out a shout
As he fell to his knees

Scraping both in the squeeze
Looking to the skies
Begging for some light
To shine his lonely heart

Giving him a hope
Shifting his mood
He looked on at his reaction
Through a microscope

Never feeling so tired
He even heard his own cries
As he dealt the cards
That he had chosen to see

Now knowing that this was not him
Owing it to those
That brought him up to know better
He wiped away his fears

Riding off in his own story
He held on tight
His journey was surely bumpy
Full of ups and downs

But as the rivers run clear
He turned his life around
Heart full of hope
He knew he belonged somewhere

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