Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Unexpected Sights

Standing in a cold dark hall
i really thought i’d seen it all
when something strange in front of me
pushed me back
went right through me
Holding on to the walls in between
could this be happening
could this be real
feeling a little shaking
frozen in time
Just should walk on now
if it really doesn’t mind
body abit worse for the ware
screaming out is there anyone there
Thinking it was one of my brothers or sister who
was messing around
acting the fool
who knew
All i know from that day on
i felt more weary
as time went on
knowing that something was there you see
but i suppose it didn’t want to hurt me
So as the house fills up with all sorts
i bid them good day
i run like i’m on a race course
sometimes catching shadows
in the still of the night
but now i’m not scared
i don’t get a fright

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