Thursday, 23 August 2012


With his loving eyes
looking on at her
holding her picture
he loved her lips
wanting them to touch his

She did not know
that he felt this way for her
she did not know
what was about to occur

Lying awake
he imagined what he would
like to do with her
he even wanted her more

Her eyes staring back at him
his mouth watering lips
longed to hold her hands
to touch her finger tips

Forbidden fruit
this was her soul
if only she knew
she could have it all

His lines that portrayed
such a gentle man
his eyes so mysterious
his body god damn

Oh she certainly had him
she had his attention
this he knew
he loved it all

Giving off scents
of lust
giving off a path of hope
for her to follow

one day maybe
she would learn to swallow
all that he had to give
until then both of their lives they did live

Smiling back he replied
again and again
her loving eyes they smiled
fantasy was her ride

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