Monday, 6 August 2012

Forest of Pleasure

With waterfalls of imagination
Running through her thoughts
She wanted him underneath them
Shifting her silky worn cloth

As rocks gave them a seat
To rest their love
Staring into each other’s eyes
Lovingly she wore her gloves

Taking them off one at a time
As he held her close
Their lives combined
Touching her lips
With his soft subtle kiss

She pushed herself closer
Wanting even more
Throwing her hair back
He could not ignore

Dipping his foot into the water
He pulled her in along with him
Their bodies wet
Longing for what was coming
But had not happened yet

Holding her closely even more now
Sharing how he felt
Someway somehow
Her eyes looked up to the sky above
His were closed
As he really felt their love

Not wanting this moment to ever end
His wondering hands
Drove her wild
He smiled

Knowing that he had giving her
Some of his pleasure
As they lay on the edge of
The forest of treasure

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