Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Glowing Inside

Sometimes in life
We get treated with kid gloves
We cannot appreciate them at the time
We are like free flying doves

Reading quotes from a book
Oh which one will teach me today
Which one will come my way
Truth is they will guide you
But at the end of the day
You are your own voice
Come what may

Listen closely to yourself
Believe in who you are
Believe in who you can be
Teaching yourself the inner way
On how your life should be

Grab the things you want
Take life by the horns
Reach for the things you wish for
Realise you’re the lucky charm

Riding through rising waves
Pushing the past into the past
Learn to live your life
Know what is important to you
Do what you feel is right

Don’t walk in other peoples shadows
Bring your own one along
Dance to your own tune
Sing your own song

Walk in your own shoes
Don’t try fit into those
That do not fit
You have what you have
You carry a good heart
That remains well lit

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