Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Growing Up

Oh waking up to a wonderful day
all that needs to be done
school starts back tomorrow
my body is tired
feels like a worn out marrow

Running around like a wild one
hope to wake up on time
set the alarm clock
the rush is on again

Children stressed out
over not having enough
coloring pens
Off to work the good gentlemen

Smell of the toast and the hot tea
children and everyone
rushing by me
summer is gone
weather is getting cold
oh my goodness
i feel very old

Writing down the list of the last few bit and bobs
wondering is there anything left for me in the shops
the race is on to find all i can
i need an industrial cooler a massive big fan

To cool me down and calm me down
i must not stand still
give me something for my nerves
or least something to help me stand still

Off she will go another start of a year
growing up so fast
the daughter i hold so dear
where does time go
my baby is growing up fast
she always makes me laugh
we surely have a blast

So as tomorrow draws closer
she will wave goodbye to me
she wont let me hug her in public
or even sit on my knee
all grown up now
she is independent sure enough
by tomorrow evening i will be out of puff

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