Friday, 17 August 2012

Hour Glass

When she least expected it
there he fell
out of no where
who could tell

Like a paper airplane
he fell so slow
into her life
he did show

All around her colour everywhere
loving eyes they did stare
as he bit his lip slightly
his shy eyes looked at hers
he knew he was all that there was
she knew he was her cause

As the soft breeze
moved the sheets of tall grass
he grabbed her delicate body
with hands around her hour glass

As both of their bodies
brushed off one another
she knew he was her kind
of forever lover

He took hold of her
as he lay her at the side
of the woven bank
he took her all
he left her mind blank

No noise filled the air
her fast beating heart
was all they both
could hear

Her eyes taking glimpses
of soft cotton clouds
as he softly kissed her
away her from her head
down to her toes

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