Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lifting him Up

Sounds like goodbye
Tears in his eyes
Never ever felt her love
Never ever felt romance

As she went left him
With a broken heart
He loved all along from the start
She just pulled his love along
As if he had done wrong

Whats love got to do with it
Played in the back ground
With every lyric
He felt his heart pound

He looked out through
A dusty window
As life passed by him
He just stood still
With an empty look in his eye

As she passed by
No not her
Another lady
Who he knew before
Then she came up and knocked on his door

He did not know what to do
He hadn’t got a clue
Look at me in my worn out self
Im like a book of no importance
Hidden away on a shelf

She knocked hard
She wasn’t going away
I know your in there
She began to shout his way

Right he said
I will open up the door
As he did
He asked what brings you to me
She said i just can’t ignore

He let her in
And from that day on
She and him
Did live a life
With no loneliness
Only two hearts combined and strong

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