Thursday, 2 August 2012

Look in her Eyes

With all of the colours
Running through her veins
Her circle seemed to spread
Even more wider
There was nowhere to hide

Sharpening pathways
Open up for her pleasure
Offering all
For him to measure

Running and calling out her name
Wild was her heart
She loved to play his game
Shouting out
In the open plain

Come and find me
He said
As he came up from behind
Covering her eyes
To her surprise

As he turned her
To catch the glint in her eyes
His once running heart
Did fall way to far

He wore his words
So much on his sleeve
He loved her so much
Like you wouldn’t believe

Wanting every breath he took
To be the same as hers
But as his hands
Reached out for her
She just took
Walking away with a different look

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