Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lost in Time

With eyes red and tired
body dragging along
fire in his breath
nearly there just not yet

Blood running fast through his veins
people pass by
he still does not complain
no one knows his name

Torture is his life
isolation is his island of living
loneliness is state of forgiving
shyness is his expression of his knife

Look through his glass
only half full
mind set thoughts
oh aches are washed away so dull

Lost in space
lost in time
is his crime

Words they just wont come
beating heart
in his casket
unsung drums

Thumping of loving
somewhere else
not his own
lost in memories
Better to his self

Hear his call
he wants it all
less of effort
one man against the wall
left hopeless
in a time
where he once stood tall  

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