Friday, 31 August 2012


As i write this i am inspired by the people who make me smile and add that little extra to my life everyday. Going to work for many of us is a trial. Something we may not want to do but has to be done no matter how much we like or don't like it. As i work in retail food industry every day is different i can honestly say no day is the same as the next. Today Maria Duffy has inspired us all to trend on twitter for . I think this is a great idea for us all to come together and share our thoughts.

In my job i get to meet some really great people and sometimes the lather. I often don't feel like the may west and smiling is apart of my job but i can honestly say its easy for me. People are my inspiration and they make my job all the more interesting. It is my job to make sure the customer is getting the best service possible which i do to the best of my ability. I find there is always those certain customers who take the time to thank you and tell you how much you do for them. For instance yesterday a man told me that it was a pleasure for me to serve him. This may seem insignificant to some but i felt like he hit my heart with his words. Often other people have more of an effect on me than i seem to have on them. With out their wonderful positive thinking and smiling faces how could i see the impact we all have on each other.

Sometimes the simple things in life can mean the most to others and ourselves. Each person has an effect on the next. We don't always want to smile or feel like we can make a change, but all our actions bring about change. Some people just want to be served while others love to have a chat. I feel connected to my customers and feel like a have that bond with them.  It is my pleasure to be as much apart of their lives as they are mine. I laugh and some times i feel like crying with what i hear. Children are so funny i have some great chats with them and now they are back to school. They just love to chat away what teachers they have and their favorite and not so subjects.  Mammy stories are the ones i relate to most. I often get mistaken for not having children. The lines you wouldn't understand what its like to have children. As a mum of a 20 yr old son a daughter 15yrs and daughter who is 10 yrs old i do understand how hard it can be. 

I get told i am to young to have a son that age but when all my friends were living i was having a baby. My
friends were in school and partying i was doing nappy changes and bottle feeds. They were staying up all night having the laugh. I was up all night trying to get his wind up trying to see the funny side crying myself . It was all worth it he is in college now and doing so well. I am proud of who is and who he has become. Just goes to show what you put in you get out. All my children are my inspiration and my reason for getting up every morning. I laugh everyday because of them. I never sit still but i wouldn't have it any other way.

Life is not always easy or the way we want it. But the people that we have in our lives make all the difference. You have choices in life. Sometimes we are forced to choose i can honestly say i have lived through choices i never wanted to make. 

So as you do step out today think of how you make a difference to others and how they do the same to you.

The simple deeds make the world of a difference.


  1. What a lovely concept: #onekinddeed. Don't know how I missed that today on twitter! It's nice to be nice isn't it? And a smile costs nothing.I enjoyed your shop stories and must admit that I got a little cranky in a supermarket today when the shop assistant had to re scan ALL of my shopping. Total pain but not her fault. I did help unpack and I smiled and thanked her at the end!!

    xx Jazzy

  2. Thanks Val. I think everyone does get cranky in shops. Its nice that there are people like you to stop and think before acting on impulse. Why couldnt she just do a till save and transfer it all to another till thats mad.She prob didnt know what to do. To me people make it a pleasure you just dont know what people have to go through in their daily lives.