Saturday, 4 August 2012

Road of Lust

Oh gentle road
Beneath my feet
Leave my foot prints
Worn so sweet

As happiness fills me up inside
Feeling like im floating
Like i could glide
As words fall from my tongue
Knowing just where they belong
To my favourite song

Sea air hits my senses
Every time every where
Waves crash
Sand is pushed back

As my gentle frame
Is looking up
Into his eyes
A man of mystery
A man in disguise

Feeling his skin
Touching mine
Oh my goodness
He is so fine

As his strong embrace
Covers my face
As his lips
Touch mine
Is it me talking or is it the wine

With fingers
In a strong hold
Life opens up
Life unfolds
So catching his look
As i look back
One day he will
Share this time we can get back

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