Thursday, 30 August 2012

Teasing Curls

With soft breath 
she kissed him slowly 
often he wanted her to do it more 
wanting her to explore even more 

standing in the lake 
all to bare 
him and her 
they just did not care 
this was their adventure 
leaving all 
this was their dare 
letting it all out 
out in the open 
in the middle of no where 

His shy eyes 
drew her closer 
she loved how vulnerable he felt 
his quite smile 
took over 
her silent words 

Lasting impressions
viewing each others expressions
teasing curls 
hung on her shoulders 

His fingers 
played with them 
as she pushed herself closer 
lips tied in 
oh he was her deadly sin

Planting ponds 
of waterfalls way 
silence filled the air 
on that warm sunshine day 

Knowing she was the one for him
he held her more closely 
in his mind within
looking at her face 
gave him all his pleasure 
her smile took over 
she was his treasure 

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