Thursday, 30 August 2012


Waiting for something
for that voice to fill the air
sometimes there are mysteries
we should not open up
or do we care

Each rock she crossed
was met with each heart beat
slow thinking thoughts
so discreet

Lightening bolts
shook her up inside
lifting her up
she was made of tough stuff

Each edge of her mind
felt so rough
like it had been brushed away
pushed to its limits

As shadows of the past
filled her memories
she knew this would brake her
if she did not let go

With the moon as her light
shinning down on her silky soft skin
As salty tears
tore her from within

Walking along
with the past finally left behind
she knew all along
she must of been blind

Knowing now
what she did not know then
changed her view
of all men

They are not all the same
some have a game
but he was the one
that never called out her name

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