Saturday, 11 August 2012

Where he lies

Past out
Letting out a shout
Scared deep with in
Not knowing where he will sleep
Or find his gin

Sleeping underneath
An apartment block
Sheltered from the world
Not knowing the time
Has no clock

As life goes on
All around him
Others look on
Feeling sorry for him

As he wonders around
In the still of the night
Looking for food
To fill his hunger
Not wanting to give
Into his fight

Rubbing his worn tired eyes
This is a man in disguise
Running from who he once was
Now unable to provide
The life he once had
As he soaks up the sun

People can look
And judge him where he lays
But knowing this could happen
To anyone anyday

Sometimes in life
Circumstances come about
Some we can control
Some can take us out

Trying to understand him
As he spoke his gentle words
While watching people walk past
Free as flying birds

This is where he stays
This is where he lays
This is his home tonight
Who are we to judge his life 

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