Thursday, 23 August 2012

Whispering Silence

Calling out her name
was the start of the game
he once felt nothing
but now his open heart was to blame

Leaving an impression on him
she left silence
filling his stare
as breathless air
filled the sunshine air

Her eyes looking back
removed the void in his once torn heart
he now had himself
his confidence he was getting back on track

Holding her picture
deep within his fingers tips
he longed for her beauty
for her loving lips

Not knowing all that was
waiting for her
she had no idea
he felt this way
she did not know
what was about to occur

With every thump of her beating heart
with every flutter
she knew what she fought
letting his light in
smoldering smile
body so fine

Beating his drum
she did follow his flow
come and dance
his words did call
she fell for him she did fall

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